2405, 2015

How to Find Your Voice as a Landscape Photographer

“Be true to yourself.” It’s something that we’re all told from the time we’re little kids. However, before you can be yourself, you must discover who you really are. Part of learning to recognize and […]

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1805, 2015

6 Shots to Capture Before You Die

Most of us have a running bucket list of sorts, don’t we? Such lists are filled with incredible things we hope to accomplish or experience before we kick the bucket, so to speak. We add […]

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905, 2015

Photographing the Eiffel Tower: Are You Breaking the Law?

It’s something the great majority of us only think about in passing when we’re away on vacation – taking photographs of the spectacular sights we witness and the incredible moments we capture. This is even […]

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2604, 2015

4 Landscape Photography Tips You Need to Know

If you’ve been into photography for long, then you don’t need to be told how powerful an experience it can be when you stumble across exactly the right shot and nail it to perfection. This […]

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1904, 2015

5 Unique Ways to License Your Landscape Photography

If you’ve fallen in love with landscape photography, then you’ve most likely had a friend or family member tell you that you really ought to consider going professional one of these days. You’ve probably also […]

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1304, 2015

Why We Love Photography

While all art is capable of striking a special chord within us all, there’s just something different about photography. Whether you’re into appreciating the world’s most beautiful places via lush landscape photography or absolutely crazy […]

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